Dog Membership


Visiting hours of operations

Days of the week: Sunday-Saturday

Operating hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Hours of operations are subject to change due to our ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the grasslands and facilities on site.

Membership Benefits

√ Dog cooling room (next to the game room)

√ Free Parking (non-EV charging) for one car (if required, please inform booking team)

√ Cafe access (for hooman only) – fresh water provided free of charge

√ Free WiFi (let your dog run around while you get some work done in the cafe)

√ On site staff assistance

√ 20% off amenities for you and your dog (e.g., dog pool)

√ 2 hoomans (owners) can enter with dog

√ Additional hooman guests (3+ years old) can join the fun for HK$150 per visit

√ Additional dog guests can join the fun for HK$150 per visit (must be accompanied by a hooman guest who has paid)