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Guest Information

Beautiful surroundings

Located just outside the quiet and beautiful village of Kam Tsim among natural surroundings, you can have your private outdoor experience miles away from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced life in Hong Kong.

Easy to get to by bus, taxi or car.  We have signs posted along the way to help you find your way to our beautiful private outdoor space.



140 Kam Tsin South Road,
Kwu Tung, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong


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Public transport

Take the MTR to Sheung Shui.

Hop on the 50A minibus from the Plaza Minibus Stop.

About 5 minutes walk from Kam Tsin Village Minibus Stop.


Enjoy your time outdoors with us!  Unless the entire outdoor space has been booked for your experience, you may be co-sharing our space with other guests.  Therefore, please be respectful, courteous and cooperative.

Operating hours

Our operating hours are 9:00am – 6:00pm, Sunday to Saturday.  We may close occasionally, for regular maintenance and repairs to keep our private outdoor space beautiful.  We will notify our guests on our website and bookings will not be accepted on those dates we are closed.

Check-in and check-out (For Stay Experience)

Please check-in between 2:30pm-5:30pm.  Please check-out by 12:30 noon.  There will be an additional charge applied, if you require early or late check in or late check out.  We appreciate that we all may need a bit more time or would like to arrive early to enjoy the outdoors, so please let our friendly staff know in advance so they can plan accordingly.

Private, Corporate, and Education Experiences

Have an idea for an outdoor private, corporate, or education experience, but don’t know where to host it?  Come and visit Camptopia – Sheung Shui to visualise what is possible!

Please email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at 9888 3225.

Rubbish Disposal

We have a small and friendly team that helps keep our private outdoor experience space clean for you.  However, we would greatly appreciate if you could dispose of all your rubbish in the bins provided throughout our space.

We are also keen on recycling, so we have separate bins for the various recyclable rubbish.

BBQ, Wood Fires, and Smoking

We allow BBQs and wood fires to keep you warm on those cold nights.  Please use the appropriate equipment for your BBQs and wood fires.  If you need to rent equipment, please let one of our friendly staff know.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.  If you smoke, please be considerate of other guests (children especially) that don’t smoke.

Outdoor Living Equipment (Bring your own)

If you are bringing your own outdoor living equipment (e.g tents, chairs, tables, etc.), please be mindful of the amount of space you have booked for your Stay Experience.

To give you an idea, we rent large Snow Peak tents (Landlock and Enfield) which are approximately 6m x 4m and can fit comfortably with a tarp in the minimum space we offer (300 square feet / 27 square meters).

Please review our House Rules and Terms and Conditions for more details.